We are going pretty much internet-based only, so make sure that you register for our newsletter!  We will be keeping in contact through that medium and, as usual, will have details of our sales and special offers, together with our competitions – with great prizes!!!!

Sooo, unless you register for it, you will miss out!   Without factoring-in our show costings, we will be able to offer lots more mini sales and special discounts too…..

We will be adding more photos as quickly as we can, so, if there is something you wish to see, contact us and we will see what we can do.

Chas and Sarah.


The QRF sale starts on the 16th January and runs until the 2nd February….only on the QRF website…www.quickreactionforce.co.uk …..don’t miss out!  A whole 15% off every product on the website.


Lots to come in the New Year, the BEF have arrived and so has the driver for the new softskin vehicles for WW1 so look for 5 new releases there, plus a few more Numidians for the ancient ranges and the 1915 pattern Lanchester armoured car!


We have an ongoing fault on our telephone line which has caused havoc with both ‘phone and email….hopefully, someone will get around to fixing it eventually!!!!


Our modular tile system comes ready-painted, flocked and ready to put straight on your games table.

Our resin products are generally UNPAINTED unless indicated otherwise. All of these items can be supplied painted, at double the costs (i.e. if an item costs £3.50, we can supply it painted for £7.00). In time we will amend the website to give you the option of ordering them painted or unpainted, but for now if you want the items painted please contact us.

Can we visit?

We do not have  a retail shop front (yet). We can only accept visitors with prior notice due to health and safety restrictions (customers and hot metal tend not to mix well), but if you do wish to drop in give us a call on 01963 363521 and we will try and accommodate you!
We can be found at:

TSS, Unit 2 Gibbs Marsh Farm, Stalbridge, Dorset DT10 2RU

So, what are you still doing here? Go explore…!