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  • RON11 Leaf Class Tanker

    RON11 Leaf Class Tanker

    The Leaf class is a class of support tanker of the British Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA).
    These ships are chartered to the MOD for transport of FFO, Dieso and AVGas. The role of support tanker generally involves the bulk transport of fuel oils between distribution centres, the replenishment of front-line fleet tankers and using their replenishment at sea (RAS) abilities to allow them to directly support naval warships in a limited capacity.
    This model depicts Appleleaf, Brambleleaf and Bayleaf. Bayleaf and Brambleleaf used for Falklands Campaign.
    (There are minor differences throughout this class, the model is actually of Appleleaf, though is easily used for the other 2, whose side gantries are exposed rather than being blocked in. Oakleaf and Orangeleaf have larger deckhouses and an extra fuelling derrick respectively.)
    This is a 5 piece kit comprising Hull, bridge supertructure, fore mast, fuelling derrick, and support mast.
    Navigational Radar only

  • RON17 Round Table Class LSL

    RON17 Round Table Class LSL

    Knight of the Round Table Class LSL.
    This kit covers the following LSLs, Sir Bedivere, Sir Galahad, Sir Geraint, Sir Perceval and Sir Tristram.

  • RON17A  Sir Lancelot LSL

    RON17A Sir Lancelot LSL

    The RFA Sir Lancelot, has a different crane layout to her sisters.

  • RON20  Rover Class AOL

    RON20 Rover Class AOL


    This class of small fleet tankers is used to replenish frigates on deployment,
    The class consists of the RFAs Green Rover, Grey Rover, Blue Rover, Gold Rover, Black Rover.

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    RON21 RFA Diligence

    RFA Diligence is the militarised version of the oilfield Support Vessel,  Stena Seaspread.
    The Falklands War had shown how vital such small support vessels could be – in the days when we had a navy.

  • RON24 'OL' Class AO

    RON24 ‘OL’ Class AO

    Covers the RFAs Olna, Olmeda and Olwen

  • RON26  Fort Class AEFS

    RON26 Fort Class AEFS

    Covers the RFAs Fort Austin and Fort Grange

  • RON27  Ness Class RFA

    RON27 Ness Class RFA


    Tarbatness, Stromness and Lyness

  • RON29 RFA Resource


    RFA’s Resource and Regent