Tile and Starter Sets

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  • TSS01 - Basic Starter

    TSS01 – Basic Starter


    The ‘basic’ set.  Contains 4 x PG 1, which gives you the basic 4′ x 4′  (1220 x 1220 in foreign!) plain battlefield.  The set also includes two packs of hills, a 20H3, large hill and a pack of 20H2, medium hills.


  • TSS02 Extension set

    TSS02 Extension set


    The ‘extension’ set.  This brings the basic set from 4′ x 4′ to 6′ x 4′ (1800 x 1220 in foreign!)  Still all in plain green.  It gives the flexibility to the basic set, to start thinking about adding roads and rivers at a later date.

    The set would retail at £24.00 + £10.00 P+P

  • TSS03 Hill Edge Starter Set


    Start to raise your battlefield to the next dimension!  This set contains the following tiles to lift your game.1 x HE1 12″ hill straight,1 each HE5 and HE6 corner, 1 x HE7 Hill end, 1 x HE8 Hill corners (pair) and 1 x HE9

  • TSS04 Trench starter set


    This set comprises 4 No 2′ x 2′ boards.  All are finished in a sand effect, with green and brown flock drifted through.  Shell holes are cut into the boards and flocked brown, with some having a water effect inside.

    The trenches are usually cut to be 1″ wide and 10mm deep, but it is possible to change this to suit your requirements – provided only one trench line is required, there is no extra charge.

  • TSS05 Space Saver Starter Set


    This set contains 4 x 600mm square terrain tiles flocked in verdant green and two 20mm Medium Hills.

    The tiles are made of Styrofoam and are incredibly durable, the hills are polystyrene.

  • TSS06 Space Saver Starter Set – Hill Edges.


    This set contains the following:-

    20HE01 x 1

    20HE02 x 1

    20HE04 x 1

    20HE05 x 1

    20HE06 x 2

    20HE11 x 1.

    20HE13 x 1

    RRP is £40.00