Welcome to the new, but strangely familiar, TSS website.

We offer a range of interchangeable scenery tiles for wargamers, modellers, architects and museums, constructed from light and robust polystyrene, finished to a consistent standard, compatible with most gaming systems. The range is very extensive, as generally what customers have asked for has been productionised and catalogued in the past, to the extent that the range has become a little cumbersome to view.

Based on a 40mm tile thickness, we offer two basic finishes; grass or sand, both electrostatically flocked, or a painted 30mm sea tile. The basic tile is perfectly that, those described as Undulating have a texture which adds visual interest without adversely affecting the ability to stand models on it, though it may leave unsightly gaps under hill edges. A mix of plain and undulating tiles gives an interesting battlefield.

An under-reported strength of TSS has always been its ability to build special terrain to order, whether it is the full terrain of a 28mm refight of Waterloo, or a special tile for a particular scenario, we can quickly and inexpensively produce it for you. Email your requirements for a quote.

 As the new owner of TSS, I hope you will find the product and the site a bit easier to use. The existing core 40mm tile TSS product has been carried over, largely unchanged. I do not currently list the 20mm space saver tiles, which may be incompatible with future developments, but will still produce them to order. I intend to introduce additional product to improve the utility of the range in the future, but all new product will remain compatible with the existing range.